Hawaii Black History Tours

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Hawaii Black Tours

City Tour of Honolulu Black Historical Sites
Guided by Cultural Historian

  • Alice Ball Memorial -  First woman and first African American       to graduate from the Hawaii College now (University of                 Hawai'i at Manoa Campus.
  • Anthony D. Allen, in 1810 owned the first Waikiki Resort               located at the Washington Middle School now part of the             NPS National Underground Network for Freedom site.
  • Tour of Obama Neighborhood: Birthplace and Early Childhood Homes, Kindergarten and Punahou High School, Hospital site where Obama was born, Baskin Robbins where he worked while in high school, Circle Apartment building where he lived with grand parents
  • Doris (Dorrie) Miller - Messman on the USS West Virginia. Shot down 3 Japanese aircraft at Pearl           Harbor on December 7, 1942.  The Naval Residential Housing named to memorialize his heroic               efforts. 
  • Photo opportunity in downtown Honolulu:                                                                                                           1)  Iolani Palace, King                                                                                                                                          2)  Kamehameha stature                                                                                                                                     3)  Queen Liliuokalani's home known as Washington Place                                                                           4)   State Capitol Building
  • Groups of 4 to 15 Reservations 10 days in advance notice: Required Paid in full  $125/each person.         via PayPal - African American Diversity Cultural Center Hawaii. For Reservation Call 808-597-1341                   2 1/2 hrs Tour includes pickup & return to hotel.
  •   Small Group of 2-3 - 48 hours reservation. $125 paid in-full via PayPal: African American Diversity          Cultural Center Hawaii.  Cancellation before 24 Hours, Full Refund.   
  •   CANCELLATION Policy: Cancellation before 48 Hours - Full Refund.  Cancellation within 48 Hours:        No Refund.

Anthony D. Allen, business man was of dozen of Black settlers that chose the Hawaiian Islands as their home.  He became one of Kamehameha the Great advisors.  He resided in the home of the royal priestess Hewahewa for a few months.  In exchange for his generous services to the Royal Family, she gave him six-acres of land in Waikiki in 1810.

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